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PG Epidemiology workshops:


E1 : Introduction to epidemiology: This 2-day workshop is aimed at Introducing the Post-graduate students to the basic principles of epidemiology, developing research questions and study designs. It also covers research ethics, health economic and systematic reviews


E2: Protocol development workshop: This 2-day workshop is aimed at helping the Post-graduate student to develop his or her protocol for their MD/MS/DM/McH dissertation. The resource faculty help the student and their respective guides develop their protocols based on their study question and study designs.  It includes an overview of study designs, statistical methods, templates for various study designs, classes on Zotero software as well as epidata software for data entry form creation


E3: The thesis completion workshop: This 2-day workshop is aimed at helping the Post-graduate student complete his dissertation. The faculty of the CEU assist  with data entry, analysis, interpretation and any other help required for completion of the dissertation


Zotero-Reference manager workshop: This 1-day hands-on workshop includes an introduction to the reference managers and a hands workshop on using the Zotero software


Data Entry software and Database creation: This 1 day hands-on workshop is on the use of Epidata for Data entry form creation as well as Database creation.


Short Course in Epidemiology: This 15 day course for MD Medicine registrars is aimed at training the Post graduate registrars in Critical appraisal of various study designs and getting them certified in NIH Research Methodology course after completion of the online modules.

The members of the CEU meet 3-4 times a year and discuss academic matters relevant to evidence based medicine as well as plans for the activities of the CEU.


The CEU is involved in 4 major activities

a. Teaching research methodology to undergraduate and post graduate students and faculty

b. Assisting Post-graduate students and faculty in carrying out various aspects of research

c. Developing and carrying out research projects-both single centre and multicentre studies in India and South-East-Asia

d. Activities as part of the IndiaCLEN network-including teaching, research and administration of the network.

The following table is a time schedule of the activities that the CEU performs for the students and faculty.

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