Message from the Chief

Dr. Thambu David is the current Head of the Department of Medicine and Medicine unit 2. 

Prof. Thambu David speaks

Ida Scudder left her vision to CMC, with the words from scripture, “Not to be ministered unto, but to
minister”. The department of medicine seeks to fulfill this mandate in a modern, yet traditional way.
We seek to be excellent in patient care; with the best evidence based care that is appropriate to our
patients needs always taking their preferences as a guide in decision making. While we practice in
tertiary care we also provide primary and secondary prevention of diseases through lifestyle change
advice as well as adult immunizations. This is an essential component as we seek to be witnesses for
Christ in the healing ministry.
We seek to impart the best undergraduate as well as post graduate training in general medicine, in India
as well as the world. A tall order, but we hope to mold our students into caring, compassionate, well
learned individuals who can be team leaders in any situation, especially in rural, needy and less
privileged circumstances. We hope they will be servant leaders as is our calling, who can inspire the next generation of students.
We seek to be leaders in research relevant to the patients who come to general medicine in India and
developing countries. We wish to identify problems of relevance to us, develop and test hypothesis
using the best methods and analysis and disseminate the learning to physicians as well as patients.
Unless the Lord builds the house, the builder builds in vain.

All we do is for His Glory.

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