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bitcoin era fake

Bitcoin Era is a legitimate auto trading system that anyone may utilize to profit from the cryptocurrency market. The results of our analysis show that the ...

Is Bitcoin Era legit? Yes! There is sufficient proof that Bitcoin Era is legitimate. It is an intelligent auto-trading system with AI-based ...Please don't trust this company, I saw a BBC news advert stating how Elon Musk thought this software was amazing and without doing any research into the company ...

Final Verdict We can confidently say that the Bitcoin Era fraud is among many other recent cryptocurrency scams. It even uses some of the same fake celebrity endorsements. If you're looking for how to sign up for Era Bitcoin, fraud should be the first word in your mind.Aug 10, 2022

Yes, Bitcoin Era is a legit platform and not a scam at all. The official Bitcoin Era website claims the win rate of 88% and higher. According to users' reviews, ...

Yes, Bitcoin Era is a legit platform and not a scam at all. The official Bitcoin Era website claims the win rate of 88% and higher. According to users' reviews, ...

Nevertheless, “we have examined Bitcoin Era and have determined that it is legit,” the author says. The article reads that “reviews state that some users have ...

No! Bitcoin Era is not a Ponzi scheme. A lot of people are asking this question due to the insane profitability reported by this platform. We use the best ...

Bitcoin Era is not a crypto broker, so it doesn't have to be regulated. However, the brokers you trade with should be regulated. Bitcoin Era ...

Bitcoin Era is a trading robot that uses a sophisticated AI algorithm to buy and sell cryptocurrencies automatically.

The Blacklisted Bitcoin Era scam app and automated trading platform is not to be trusted. It is powered by a losing software and promoted by ...

Bitcoin Era conducts all of its activities directly and automatically through online brokers who, in addition to being extremely successful and ...

Some scam examples are giveaways, romance scams, phishing, extortion emails, fake company alerts, blackmail, "rug pulls," initial coin offerings (ICOs), non- ...

The million-dollar question – is Bitcoin Era legit or a scam? Based on my research, I can confidently say that Bitcoin Era is not a scam. The official Bitcoin ...

We have enough evidence to prove that Bitcoin Era is legit. It is a smart auto trading system that works with integrated AI-based software, which makes the ...

Yes, this application gives 99.4% accurate profit optimizing trade signals. The innovative algorithm analyzes the price fluctuations very fast.

Bitcoin Era trading robot is developed using modern technologies. It does not involve any human typing or human tasks. So, there is no chance of ...

No, Bitcoin Era is not a legitimate trading system. The reason is that it is an unauthorized app that is supposed to trade on your behalf on ...

After a series of extensive research and practical testing, we can fully confirm that the performance of the Bitcoin Era platform is indeed, legitimate and ...

Each segment needs a secure payment method, and Bitcoin Era provides this by supporting transactions in the cryptocurrency market and accessing ...

Bitcoin Era Holly Willboroughy

As a trader, the automated algorithm of Bitcoin Era reduces the amount of work you have to do daily. You can gain access immediately by opening an account and making a deposit.

Bitcoin Era FAQs

Holly Willoughby, the well-known television presenter and co-host of the popular ITV This Morning show, has been rumoured to have invested in the Bitcoin Era. We discovered during our research that she has never expressed an interest in bitcoin, let alone a bitcoin trading robot. Because of this, there is a strong likelihood that the platforms making these claims are deceptive in their assertions.

Is Bitcoin Era safe to use?

Given his immense influence, there has been a lot of rumours making rounds that the food king has endorsed the Bitcoin Era software. Determined to find out if any of the rumours are true, our team searched the internet for hours and found no connection between him and the Bitcoin Era system.

🚀 Min Deposit

Its verification system is safe and user-friendly because it relies on personal information (such as a user’s name, credit card number, or other similar information) rather than complicated documentation. Because Bitcoin Era complies with anti-money laundering regulations, you will be required to present identification when withdrawing your profits.

Demo account available

Dragons Den is a top-rated British TV program that provides an incredible platform for business tycoon dreamers to pitch their business ideas, products, and services to a team of highly successful entrepreneurs.

Click to Select Your Country Here – “Download

After you must have registered for an account and received a confirmation email from the platform, you will get a follow-up phone call from an account manager assigned to you by the Bitcoin Era team. Since the account manager’s responsibility is to explain the setup process further, it’s important that you stay close to your phone after filling out the signup form.

There has been a lot of ads featuring Robert Jones, an American Evangelist as a pioneer or investor in certain bitcoin platforms. Bob however said such ads are only tarnishing his image as he knows nothing about them.

Bitcoin Robot

Hello, my name is Luke Handt; I am a successful Bitcoin trader, financial analyst, and researcher. I have been studying the market trends for the conventional stock exchange system globally since I was in college.

No Social Trading Community

The withdrawal mechanism typically takes between 24-36 hours to safeguard the funds in your account after they have been received by the bank. It is a really simple and hassle-free process. And deposits are instant.

The trading robots scanned the cryptocurrency market in seconds, during each of the live trading sessions. The best deals were selected and completed automatically. We found out how fast the trading robots detected low priced crypto which were bought and sold for a higher price to make a profit.

Free demo account for users

Yes. It has 24*7 customer support. You can ask any query about the app through live chat, email, and phone. The support team resolves your problems then and there. 


Withdrawals within 24 hours

Having tested the system and seen the remarkable result it guarantees, we are convinced that the Bitcoin Era software is genuine and delivers on all of its fantastic promises.

What is Bitcoin Era?

We found the link to download the account registration form on the homepage. After completing the form, we submitted and waited for verification. This was a fast process; we received an email notifying us that our new Bitcoin Era account was ready for use.

Deceptive marketing strategy

Final Words 

Is Bitcoin Era a con?

2.    Works for 24 Hours a Day


There is no definite answer to this question because the profitability of your transactions with Bitcoin Era depends on the prevailing market conditions, the amount of trading capital you have and your understanding of crypto trading.

Before using a crypto trading robot to automate your trades, it is important to understand how crypo markets work and the different trading strategies you can use. Many people think using a robot means they don’t have to do their research, but you should never invest in anything you don’t understand. Here are our top tips.

– BitIQ App Review

Our review of Bitcoins Era gives you reasons not to sign up nor trade with this system, because it is a financial scam.Our in-depth analysis and test of Bitcoin Era reveals what is this system, that it is not real, legit nor safe and that is a pure scam with very low ratings.What is Bitcoin EraIs Bitcoin Era legit?Is Bitcoin Era real?Is Bitcoin Era safe?The Bitcoin Era scam1. Multiplied scam2. Faked results3. Faked testimonialsBitcoin Era in the mediaBitcoin Era and the Dragons’ DenBitcoin Era and Shark TankBitcoin Era and This MorningBitcoin Era and Piers MorganHow Bitcoin Era really worksGot scammed by Bitcoin Era? Here is what you can doBitcoin Era – the verdictFrequently asked questionsWhat is Bitcoin EraBitcoin Era is a trading app that trades with different cryptocurrencies. For example, with bitcoin, ether and EOS. This app is normally available to a group of selected people only.Bitcoin Era’s official website specifies the following main features:the system is one tenth of a second faster than the competitionit wins 99.4% of all trades it takesit is the most consistent trading app on the planetcan double, triple or even quadruple your moneyhas won a number of international awardsearns a minimum of 1,100 USD per dayBitcoin Era is available mainly in the UK, Australia and US, but in reality, anybody can sign up. The most important question is how much does it cost? The answer is the biggest surprise, because it costs nothing. Isn’t it a red flag?Is Bitcoin Era legit?No, Bitcoin Era is not a legitimate trading system. The reason is that it is an unauthorized app that is supposed to trade on your behalf on autopilot, which means that it will take trading decisions and have a direct impact on your money.In fact, the Spanish financial regulator Commisión Nacional del Mercado de Valores (CNMV) has warned that Bitcoin Era is an unlicensed investment service that is breaking the laws. Therefore, there is no doubt that it is not legit.Is Bitcoin Era real?No, Bitcoin Era is not even real. There is no real team of trading expert behind it, the app is not using any real strategy that would have an advantage in the markets, there is absolutely no value in it.The Bitcoin Era project has a hidden purpose that we are going to explain in this review.Is Bitcoin Era safe?No, Bitcoin Era is not safe. In fact, it is very risky for your money. Because the app in reality is not free, you will have to pay indirectly for it and risk your capital. Which will result in a complete loss, we have this confirmed by real users throughout different forums and direct feedback.Also, this system is not safe for your personal data because it is run by a group of scammers that just want to separate you from your money.The Bitcoin Era scamUnfortunately, Bitcoin Era is a great scam. It is a perpetuating scam that has been around for years and keeps changing names so that people like us have a hard time to keep up with their reviews and warnings.The Bitcoin Era scam was designed with one purpose in mind – to get your money and never give you anything in return. Everything that is said on its official website is a lie. It is not a profitable trading app, it is a lie that is made to convince you to send money to fraudsters.If you see a positive review of Bitcoin Era, it is fake, it is a paid promotion. Or worse, it was published directly by scammers who run this system.In our Bitcoin Era review we provide the top 3 undeniable proofs that this system is a scam.1. Multiplied scamAs we have already mentioned, Bitcoin Era is in fact just an old scam with a new name. It has numerous clones and new ones keep popping up regularly.A few other variations of this fraud that we have already reviewed are Bitcoin Trader, Bitcoin Lifestyle and Bitcoin Code Expert. In our picture below you will see some more examples.It is obvious that all these systems use the same website design and even the same video that is supposed to provide key information about it. But in reality, the video is just a compilation of clips from CNN and other media that have noting to do with Bitcoin Era.2. Faked resultsBitcoin Era is supposed to have a 99.4% accuracy, which means that almost every trade is won. There is a table on its website with live trading results that corresponds to this statement. The only problem is that it is fake.How do we know it? There are two hints. The first one is that the table contains trades with cryptocurrency pairs that don’t exist in the real world, like ETH/LTC (ether/litecoin).The second is that it really is impossible to have a 99%+ win ratio in financial trading. We have been trading for 14 years and we know this for a fact. Any experienced and honest trader will confirm this.3. Faked testimonialsOur third proof that Bitcoin Era is a scam is in the testimonials that you can find on its official website. Scammers use this lazy trick very often, they download some stock photos, make up names and stories about profits, mix it together and publish it as real testimonials on their webpage.In our picture below you will see that people on these pictures are not real Bitcoin Era’s users, because these pictures are stock photos.Bitcoin Era in the mediaTo support their scams, fraudsters often publish fake reviews and articles. They like to claim that Bitcoin Era has had positive mentions in media like The Mirror, BBC, Vox and others.They also like to say that people like Elon Musk, Richard Branson or Bill Gates are investing with their software. But it is not true.Some of their favorites are:Bitcoin Era and the Dragons’ DenDragons’ Den is a TV show on BBC in the UK where business ideas are discussed and promoted. You can find articles stating that Bitcoin Era was in the Dragons’ Den, but they are fake.Bitcoin Era and Shark TankShark Tank is the Australian equivalent of the Dragons’ Den. So, when scammers want to target Aussies with Bitcoin Era, the claim it featured in Shark Tank. But it is not true, of course.Bitcoin Era and This MorningHas Bitcoin Era been in the TV show This Morning with Holly Willoughby? Of course not! Don’t believe any article stating the opposite, they are fake.Bitcoin Era and Piers MorganGood Morning Britain with Piers Morgan on ITV is another TV show falsely associated with Bitcoin Era. It never was on this TV show and never will be, that is a sure thing.How Bitcoin Era really worksBitcoin Era works like a typical investment scam. It will mislead you into thinking that it can earn you profits but then it will just take money away from you. Here is how.The first thing scammers have to achieve is to convince you they have a real product, a real trading app that is profitable. They will try to do it with sophisticated lies and also with their trading platform.The Bitcoin Era platform is a platform that is supposed to be based on a profitable algorithm. But there is no real algorithm behind it. However, there might be a demo mode with a special dirty algorithm that will use fake cryptocurrency prices to generate lots of profits.People with little or no experience in trading will not notice that the Bitcoin Era demo is faking results. Scammers might therefore easily convince them that their software really is profitable.And here comes the crucial step. They will tell you that if you want to make real money, you have to deposit at least 250 USD with a broker they have selected for you. This is how they get your money, this is how they scam you.Because they will forward you to an unregulated and scam broker they are affiliated with. Together they will push you to deposit as much money as possible and they will keep it.They will make up all sort of excuses about why you are not earning anything and why you are losing money with Bitcoin Era. Every time you will hear a new reason why next time it will be better and why you have to deposit again.They might even show you fake profits on your trading account to persuade you to deposit even more. But if you try to withdraw money, there will be a million reasons why it is not possible.One of the favorite tricks is to tell you that yes, you can withdraw from Bitcoin Era, but first you have to send them more money to pay taxes. Which of course is a lie. You pay your taxes to your government, not to scammers who run anonymous and illegal trading systems.To learn more about how to spot similar investment scams, check this video.Got scammed by Bitcoin Era? Here is what you can doIf you have already sent money to Bitcoin Era and you got scammed, we are sorry, but here is what you can do. First, try to recover it:Look at how you made your deposit. Was it a credit card, a bank wire or an e-wallet?Look at who you sent your money to. It very probably is the broker that created your trading account.Contact that broker and say you want all your money back. Explain that you got scammed by Bitcoin Era.If it doesn’t help, explain to the broker that you are ready to report them to authorities and to proceed with a chargeback on your payment.If it doesn’t work, do it and ask for a chargeback. In case of a credit card you have to ask your bank. In case of an e-wallet, ask the e-wallet provider.Bank wires are the most difficult. Ask your bank for advice, you can also contact the bank that maintains the account which received your money.Also, every country has a financial regulator that oversees financial markets and is there to help people. You can contact this authority in your country and seek advice. See for example what the SEC has to say about recovering money from scams.The second thing you should try to achieve is to have your personal data delete from Bitcoin Era and the broker’s database. Contact them and ask them to delete it. Chances to succeed are not too big because you are dealing with scammers, but it is worth trying.If you sent them any sensible data, like copies of your personal documents, you might want to consider getting these documents new. If they have your credit card information, go and get a new one, have the old one blocked.If you granted remote access to your computer to anybody from Bitcoin Era or the connected broker, delete everything they asked you to install and check your computer for malware.And finally, you certainly can report Bitcoin Era to authorities, even if you managed to recover your money.Bitcoin Era – the verdictWe have thoroughly tested and analyzed Bitcoin Era, and our assessment is that it is a scam. Therefore, we recommend staying away from it, if you don’t want to lose money.Those of you who are interested in legitimate cryptocurrency trading, get a free demo account with a regulated broker. You will be able to test everything and learn risk free.If you decide to trade with real money, don’t forget that real trading is risky, so be careful and responsible. Trade only with money you can afford to lose, that is the basic rule of investing.Please help us warn other people against this Bitcoin Era scam and share our review.Frequently asked questions[sc_fs_multi_faq headline-0=”h2″ question-0=”Is Bitcoin Era a con?” answer-0=”Unfortunately, yes, Bitcoin Era is a con. It is a dirty scam that will do everything to get your money and make you lose.” image-0=”” headline-1=”h2″ question-1=”Does Bitcoin Era work?” answer-1=”No, Bitcoin Era does not work, because it is a scam. Its only purpose is to transfer your money to scammers, that’s all.” image-1=”” headline-2=”h2″ question-2=”Is Bitcoin era real of fake?” answer-2=”Bitcoin Era is fake. Every piece of information published on its website is fake. All the positive Bitcoin Era reviews you will find are fake, scammers created them. Also, this system has never been on TV nor in any other serious media.era real of fake?” image-2=”” count=”3″ html=”true” css_class=””]

Bitcoin, CFDs

You will be redirected to the trading dashboard after your account has been approved to begin trading live. However, if you are new to trading, you should consider making use of the free demo account to become familiar with the platform and how to place trades. This account is also beneficial for experienced traders who want to try out different trading methods before committing to a live trading account.

User Data Encryption

Do you have funds spread across several purses, or all in one place?

Not convinced? Read our Crypto Trading Bot Article!

But from our findings, none of these rumors hold water, so treat it as mere rumour.

•    It provides 99.4% accurate signals for winning trades. So you can make profits in bulk. 

Bitcoin Era at a GlanceBitcoin Era Platform Review: What is Bitcoin Era?How does the Bitcoin Era Work?Bitcoin Era App: Legit or a Scam?Bitcoin Era Brokers Features Trading Characteristics Variety in Cryptocurrencies Withdrawals and Deposits Demo Accounts Verification System Affiliated BrokersHow to Create a Bitcoin Era Account Step 1: Bitcoin Era Registration Step 2: Deposit Step 3: Demo Account Step 4: Trade for Real with Bitcoin Era ChartBitcoin Era Guide: Why Choose this Bitcoin Robot? Easy to Use Dedicated Customer Support Completely Free of Charge Safe and Secure Platform Enhanced Trading Seamless WithdrawalsWhich countries are Bitcoin Era in? (October 2022)Making Money with Bitcoin EraHow to Make Profit with the Bitcoin Era App?How Much Money Can I make using the Bitcoin Era?When Should I Join Bitcoin Era Robot? Difficult Trading Techniques Repeated TasksIs Bitcoin Era Right for Me?Worthy Tips for Beginners to Make Positive Returns Using Bitcoin Robots Understand Your Investment Capacity Do not invest all of your profits. Start small and work your way up. Find a strategy that works for youWhy are Bitcoin Bots Profitable? Speed Efficiency Trading without letting emotions get in the way Seamless TradingPossible Risks when Trading with Bitcoin Era

Bitcoin Era Advantages & Disadvantages 

Like other crypto bots such as Bitcoin Loophole and Bitcode AI, Bitcoin Era requires a minimum deposit of $250 when you open a new account. This is the seed money that the algorithm will begin trading with in order to grow your account.

Benefits of Bitcoin Era Trading App 

💹 Withdrawal Fee

Bitcoin Era Platform Review: What is Bitcoin Era?

•    Performs a High Number of Trades

Trading Characteristics

Bitcoin Era is real.The website claim that the winning rate is at least 88%. According to our research, the earnings and conversions are higher; users prefer Bitcoin Era since it is more profitable over time.There should be an understanding concerning the performance of bitcoin traders in light of current market conditions. Bitcoin is a problematic cryptocurrency asset with a high market risk due to price volatility and swings.Above all, we can state that Bitcoin Era is trustworthy, and the trading robot received a 98% rating, making it one of the top trading platforms for cryptocurrency traders.

Account Fees

No Transaction Fees or Hidden Charges

3.    Shows Entry and Exit Points

Does Bitcoin Era Have an App?

In comparison to other bots, Bitcoin Era does allow the option to trade a greater variety of cryptocurrencies, and it has a positive reputation for the level of customer support provided by its crew. Rather than only relying on the algorithm, users of the Bitcoin Era can manually place restrictions and set limits on the robot to improve their trading technique rather than simply trusting the program.

Client Browser Based Trading Platform

In addition to being free to use, the Bitcoin Era software and the brokers who are included in the auto trading platform are those who are both regulated and compliant, and who have contributed to the funding of this trading tool. However, to use the platform with one of the brokers, the user must have an initial capital of $250 to invest, which is the same amount required by the majority of popular robots.

We also checked the online security protocol on the auto trading platform, my team discovered that Bitcoin Era is a secure trading site, it is protected by the SSL security and all user information on the site is encrypted.

Fast Withdrawals

Many trading platforms are not legit and secure. So you have to be careful and choose a safe and accurate software. You won't like to risk your money. Better to choose the market leader, Bitcoin Era. When you trade on this trustworthy platform, you can always book winning trades. 

In this report, we have presented our findings after testing the Bitcoin Era. We did this review do to popular demand; so many people have been asking about Bitcoin Era, they want to know if it really works.

Trevor Noah, is the king of comedy. His role on The Daily Show has made him quite famous across the globe. Lately we have come across rumors linking the comedian with investments in Bitcoin. According to some reports, Trevor made his fortunes from his investments in the Bitcoin Era trading system.

How to Use the Bitcoin Era?

•    Enter your first name, last name, email ID, and mobile number in the online form. 

Before you opt for the automatic trading mode offered by the Bitcoin Era system, it’s important you test the settings for some time and see which of the settings delivers the best result. Also, do well to set risk limits so the robot can close losing trades to manage risks while you’re away.

Minimum Deposit

Bitcoin Era Summary

Peter Knight is a content writer and also a Crypto enthusiast with years of experience as an investor/trader in the crypto market. Peter believes Cryptocurrency is the future of the Fintech industry, and it is his passion to enlighten people about it.

Misleading information is used by advertisers.

Our Bitcoin Era review found that this crypto trading robot claims a success rate of 85% and is capable of trading 14 different cryptocurrencies across dozens of markets. While we could not verify Bitcoin Era’s claimed success rate, the platform is completely free to use and offers a demo mode so you can try it out risk-free. All you need to get started is a $250 deposit. The platform has been claimed to feature on shows like This Morning, but we could not verify this appearance.

“Bitcoin Era Martin Lewis” is one of the easiest trading platforms for Bitcoin. It has several features such as:

Registration with Bitcoin Era

Bitcoin Era [Real Customer Review] is a new Autotrading robot with an easy user interface. It is designed by some experts. This platform is simple to use for every user. There is an easy process of registration on this site. You can start trading in Bitcoin immediately after depositing a minimum amount of deposit. Moreover, this site has a simple user interface with simple options for smooth trading. 

Each of these cryptocurrencies can be traded against multiple fiat currencies, including USD, GBP, EUR, JPY, and others. In addition, many altcoins can be traded against Bitcoin and Ethereum. So, Bitcoin Era’s algorithm has dozens of markets to scan, which increases the number of trading opportunities for high frequency trading.

Easy to Use

Bitcoin Era’s robot works by connecting with a number of regulated CFD brokers, but the exact broker your trades will be placed on will depend on when you sign up for the platform. An example of a broker previously used by Bitcoin Era is Investous.

To join Bitcoin Era, go to the website and fill out the membership form. Then enter your name and contact details, and password. Adding a password to your account protects it from being used fraudulently. There is no need to pay on the platform because the program is entirely free.New users can open virtual trading accounts with virtual credits. You will be able to gain a better understanding of the market and how it works. It also allows you to feel the software while learning helpful financial concepts for live orders. After that, one can decide whether or not employing this software is advantageous.You can take a shift to live trading when demo trading has provided a solid understanding of the market.

Yes, it is possible to access Bitcoin Era’s website on any device that has an internet connection. There is a Bitcoin Era mobile app available for both Android phones and iPhones, or you can use a web browser to access it on the following devices:

Can I open long and short positions with Bitcoin Era?

In January of this year, a website that acts as a crypto news portal published an article titled “Bitcoin Era Review: Scam or Legit Robot? The Results Revealed!” Obviously, the article praised the “trading robot” that promises to bring a new trading era.

To access Bitcoin Era, you must first create an account on the site. To begin, create an account with Bitcoin trading robots. Fill up your correct details on their homepage, including your name, password, email, and phone number. The system will require you to validate your email before you can log in successfully. Return to the website and log in with your details when you have confirmed your email.

No, you do not require to work for a long time on this trading platform. You have to sit for a few minutes. The software even places trades without your consent on the basis of your parameters for profitable trades. 

1.    Reputable Brokers to Help Users

After prospective investors must have explored the demo trading option offered by the Bitcoin Era platform, they can go ahead to fund their trading accounts to start making consistent profits using the Bitcoin Era ’s impeccable cryptocurrency trading system.

How does Bitcoin Era work?

We believe that it is possible to make money with this trading software. Apart from the boast the founders make, it has grown to become one of the most reputable trading bots in the crypto industry. Also, the customers’ review on the internet reinforces this, as many users have claimed to have made a significant amount of money using the software.

What are the advantages of trading with Bitcoin Era?

Dylan has operated within the crypto niche for over a decade. He is very passionate about blockchain adoption across the world.

What are automated trading systems, and how do they work?c

The Bitcoin Era trading platform is designed so that beginners can get to grips with it. It’s simple to set the robot up to suit your trading process and you can find valuable information at your fingertips. 

Minimum Deposit

Top 3 Alternative Bitcoin Robots:

One of the ways provided for users to deposit on this app is through crypto which is an innovative solution for some users. however, as with the other deposit methods, there is no bonus associated with depositing with Crypto. The ability to deposit using coin is predicated on that crypto will be traded on this app and some users will like the option of depositing with it. Users should not expect any rewards from depositing with crypto.

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